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The Scheme of Community Support for Older People


The Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs provides funding for initiatives to improve the security and social support of vulnerable older people through 'The Scheme of Community Support for Older People'.

Under the scheme funding can be provided for:

  • small-scale physical security equipment, such as strengthening of doors and windows, window locks, door chains, door locks and security lighting; and
  • socially monitored alarm systems

It is important to note that funding is not available for conventional intruder alarms under this scheme.  Annual monitoring fees or maintenance fees associated with socially monitored alarm systems are similarly not covered under the scheme.

Those eligible for assistance under the scheme are persons aged 65 and over who are:

  • living alone; or
  • living in households made up exclusively of older people, or of older people and other people who are dependent and vulnerable; and who are financially unable to install or purchase the equipment concerned themselves.

Priority in allocating available funds is given to the most vulnerable older people.

Any voluntary or community-based organisation working with or providing support for vulnerable older people can apply for funding under the Scheme. Such organisations are responsible for dealing with applications from individuals in their own area. It should be emphasised that the grants are paid to the group, not the individual.

People who wish to obtain information on how they or older people known to them can obtain assistance under this scheme should contact their local representative of any of the organisations involved in the scheme, e.g., Muintir na Tire, Neighbourhood Watch, Community Alert or any other group involved in the scheme in their local area.

For more information on 'The Scheme of Community Support for Older People', including application procedures and criteria, please visit the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs website

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