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Cosc, the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence, was established in June 2007. The remit of the office covers domestic and sexual violence against women, domestic and sexual violence against men and domestic and sexual violence against older people. The setting-up of Cosc marked the first time a dedicated, resourced office at Government level had been set up to co-ordinate a 'whole of government' response to these issues.

The work of Cosc includes:

  • Collaborating with organisations in the sector to ensure the delivery of well co-ordinated services for victims
  • Raising awareness about the level and impact of these crimes and of local services that are available for victims
  • Developing strategies for preventing and dealing with these crimes in line with best international practice
  • Further developing standards for service delivery and for training programmes
  • Putting in place positive actions which work with perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Providing leadership and support to the National Steering Committee on Violence Against Women (NSC)
  • Continuing to implement the recommendations of the 1997 Task Force on Violence Against Women 
  • Considering, and where relevant, facilitating the implementation of internationally established best practice throughout the sector
  • Working with relevant bodies to put together a body of research which will inform future policy directions
  • Representing Ireland at international forums, such as European Union (EU) meetings.      

For more information about the work of Cosc and issues relating to domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland as well as links to support services, please visit their website at



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