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Young Justice Professionals Symposium:

The Criminal Justice System and the

Chronically Mentally Ill Offender

chaired by
The Honourable Mr. Justice Vivian Lavan

On Friday July 11th 2008

At Dublin Castle from 08.30 – 12.00

The Symposium takes place as part of the 22nd International Conference of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law and will examine the topic of The Criminal Justice System and the Chronically Mentally Ill Offender in an international and interdisciplinary context.

Detective Fiona Wilson Bates, Special Investigation Section, Vancouver Police Department, will present her paper ‘Lost in Transition - How a Lack

of Capacity in the Mental Health System is Failing Vancouver’s Mentally Ill and Draining Police Resources.’

Lorna Hemming, Crown Counsel, British Columbia and Andrew Cochrane, Crown Counsel, British Columbia will discuss Downtown Community Court, a new collaborative inter-agency project in Vancouver, British Columbia scheduled to open in September, 2008.

Dr Gary O’Reilly, Clinical Psychologist, University College Dublin, will discuss research he has conducted with Dr Jennifer Hayes aimed at documenting the mental health difficulties, cognitive functioning, and emotional intelligence of young people detained by the Irish state for their criminal behaviour.

Dr Liz Campbell, Lecturer in law, University of Aberdeen, will situate recent developments in the management of chronically mentally ill offenders

in a theoretical context, examining the decline of the rehabilitative ideal and the move towards a risk management policy approach in the control and punishment of mentally ill offenders.

Rebecca Coen, Deputy Head of Prosecution Policy, Office of the DPP, Ireland, will discuss developments in relation to fitness to plead, insanity and diminished responsibility, addressing the divergence between law and psychology in their respective approaches to fault and mental illness.

Anthony Gett, Principal Legal Officer, Commonwealth DPP, Brisbane, and Nick Dower, Operations Manager, Office of the DPP, Queensland, will discuss recent legislative developments in Queensland in relation to the chronically mentally ill offender, with reference to developments in

Australian law generally.


Admission to the Symposium is free of charge.





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